Prince William & Kate Middleton Release Prince George’s Official Christening Photo

Royales with Cheese!

Yesterday was the blesséd day when Prince George Alexander Louis, the future King of England, was christened in a regal ceremony in London, England and today we get to see the official photo from the little prince’s special day. Shortly after Prince George was baptized in front of family, friends, 7 godparents and the subjects of the United Kingdom, a family photo was taken with his parents Prince William and Kate Middleton. Click below to see the just-released photo and see how cheesy the young royals can be.

A rather intimate one of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince George. Excellent picture!

The family looks cute but something about the all-too-perfect Photoshopping makes them look a bit creepy. Prince George looks like a plastic doll and Wills and Kate look like mannequins. Still, it’s plain to see that everyone is extremely happy in this photo and that’s all that matters. Congrats goes out to Prince George on his baptism, I suppose. With 7 godparents, he’s bound to turn out a good egg, don’tcha think?


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