Highlights From Winter Jazzfest 2014

In the dead of January in the Northeast, New York City’s Winter Jazzfest manages a minor miracle. Over the course of two marathon nights, it brings crowds in the thousands out to jam-packed theaters and clubs to see dozens of varied and sundry bands.

On the eve of Winter Jazzfest 2015, Jazz Night In America presents highlights from 2014, including hushed vocalist Gretchen Parlato, “nouveau swing” saxophonist Donald Harrison Jr., the debut performance of Rudy Royston’s 303 project, the three-man Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, and the big band of brothers known as Hypnotic Brass Ensemble.

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Sony RX100 III review: a fantastic point-and-shoot, but it’ll cost you

There are good cameras that look cute, take passable pictures and don’t cost an arm and a leg. And then there are incredible cameras that can really do it all, but come along with comparatively astronomical price tags. The Sony RX100 is the latter –…

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How to Disappear (almost) Completely: living off the grid

Your day begins at dawn. After all, you are lying in a sleeping bag under the open sky grateful that you haven’t: a) been stabbed by a grifter, b) been trampled by a herd of animals or c) contracted hypothermia and frozen to death. Then it’s off for…

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I want this delicious burger on a stick in my mouth right now

I want this delicious burger on a stick in my mouth right now

Corn dogs? Not a fan. A corn dog-inspired burger-on-a-stick made of "pickled beef frank and a slice of crispy pork belly, sandwiched between two smash-cooked beef patties, dipped in a jalapeño, whole kernel corn batter, fried, and drizzled with honey"?

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UK joins the US in banning uncharged devices from flights

A few days ago, the US Government announced that all airline passengers with personal electronics would be required to turn their gadgets on in order to demonstrate that they work. Now, the Department for Transport has announced that those same…

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The First Clear Pictures Of Japan’s Stealth Fighter Emerge

The First Clear Pictures Of Japan's Stealth Fighter Emerge

Japan’s Mitsubishi built ATD-X experimental stealth fighter has emerged! This technology demonstrator, known within the Japanese Ministry Of Defense as the "Spirit of The Heart," is set to fly sometime later this year.

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100 famous bass lines played in one cool mega-medley

100 famous bass lines played in one cool mega-medley

This guy put together a medley with what he thinks are the 100 bass lines that every bass player should know. I think that a few should be forever banned and some great ones are missing, but most of them are a spot-on selection. In any case, kudos for his nonstop 13-minute performance.

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